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Download Airport City for Android

Have you ever noticed anything that has been instead as an airport? You have not; airports aren’t famous for their aesthetic worth. You can set a stop to that today with Airport City. Design and build an airport on the floor up and see whether it is possible to turn a profit with it.

Manage flights, get travelers in and from the terminals as economically as you can, and keep everyone happy as you do that. It’s possible to accomplish this last role by ensuring that your clients have easy access to meals, amusement, and relaxation during their period on your corner, particularly during layovers. If you’re able to do a fantastic enough job, then you might single-handedly revolutionize the airline market.

Building a complex airport will be a great deal of fun, but you will also discover that it will not be without a fair share of barriers, either. Too many things have to be purchased, assembled, and completed. You are going to need to manage your cash, time, and resources efficiently if you would like to achieve anything meaningful in the realm of Airport City.

  • Build runways for airplanes to take off from and land.
  • Buy dozens of different planes that have varying dimensions, rates, cargo holds, passenger limitations, and so forth.
  • Provide electricity to your airport in many different ways. Set up solar panels build windmills, utilize nuclear energy, etc. Exotic trees, place in ponds and lakes, set up arty decorations, and more.
  • Keep the airplanes coming and going in a timely way. Get them from the hangars, fill up their tanks with gasoline, get all loaded in, and prepare for takeoff on the runway.
  • Profit 40 levels within the duration of your game.

Download Airport City for Android

Build a City About Your Airport

The other half comes in, creating the city about it. Nevertheless, this will not be any regular city. The town is an expansion of your airport. All of the amenities and services present are there to create your clients’ stay as agreeable as possible.

  • Build residences so that travelers and commuters may have somewhere to remain in the event of extended delays or layovers.
  • Set up restaurants and other small business ventures to earn more revenue for your airport.
  • Entertain clients from more cash by placing museums, museums, movie theaters, theaters, and more in your city.

While Airport City provides you a great deal of freedom to develop your airport in whatever manner you enjoy, there are loads of tasks you may undertake to help speed things along. All these are usually timed affairs that demand much more attention than usual. If you’re able to pull off them, then it is possible to anticipate a fantastic bonus in cover, along with other terrific boons.

  • Locate your very best pilot’s missing briefcase.
  • Organize exceptional flights to your VIPs.
  • Raise your employees’ morale by buying particular items for them as presents.
  • Build a monument to get a heroic pilot.

Get Prepared for Takeoff

Together with Airport City, it is possible to perform a city-building game that is not quite like anything else on the market. You are not only building a city; you are making a new airport, which will alter how people think of flying indefinitely. There’s also a powerful element of time direction to keep in mind, particularly in regards to completing assignments and scheduling flights correctly.


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