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Auto Redial app Download

Auto Redial app is the best for re-dialing,” but lacking the verification part. Tap on it, and it is going to redial the last called number in your android phone directly. This makes it the specific counterpart of the redial button on any ordinary phone.

You’ve been attempting to get through to somebody, but a phone is constantly occupied. Your issues previously. Install this Auto Redial and revel in it. In case your last call wasn’t answered, you Find a dialogue window, which asks you, “Do you need to call ?”. That is all. You should not turn off and on your schedule each time if you need to call somebody then Auto Redial app helps you.

Re-dialing is genuinely an annoying facet in android phones. The moment a call finishes, you’re automatically returned to the home display. And also to call the individual again, you need to tap on the phone icon, then go to”call log” then tap the call icon contrary to the very first item in the listing. Another choice is to click the phone icon, then tap on the call button for the last number to appear and then tap it to call.

Auto Redial app Download

You can shorten the 3-click long path to one-click redial with the”Auto Redial” app. There are two flavors of this app. This makes sure that you don’t unintentionally use redial to call a wrong individual.

You can select which you can install based upon your convenience. As soon as you install the app, simply put in a shortcut on your house screen, and redial becomes just one tap task.

The Auto Redial app includes the following Kinds of the Schedule:

  • once in a specified time and date;
  • persistent daily or on certain days of the week in a specified time;
  • centric calls after a predetermined period.

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