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Best Android Launchers 2021

The best Android launchers give you more command over your home screen. The best Android launchers permit to you to cause your phone to feel like yours. You’ll discover an unbelievably different cluster of alternatives for putting your stamp on the best Android phones, with launchers going from moderate skins to those that put an unstable exhibit of shading on your smartphone.

Android launcher apps have for some time been an essential piece of the Android experience. That incorporates keeping it nearer to stock like Google’s Android or something a long distance like Niagara Launcher.

Everybody has their ideal launcher, yet assuming you haven’t tracked down your top choice yet, here are a couple of launchers we think will fulfill clients of each sort.

Customization – it is a center piece of Android’s fundamental appeal.

Where iOS presents a secured interface which the client can just modify symbols, in Android where there’s a setting or a symbol, there’s a sensible possibility you’ll have the option to transform it.

Downloadable from the Play Store, these apps can totally change the appearance of your phone’s product, to all the more likely suit your preferences and to frequently work somewhat more productively.

There are many various choices accessible, every one of which takes into account an alternate segment and use case, some settle on speed, some pick streak.

The best Android launchers you can download today:

JRIS Launcher is an incredible, exceptionally adaptable home screen substitution.

Instructions to Install:

Introduce the means:

  1. First you should uninstall JRIS – Ubuntu Launcher unique adaptation on the off chance that you have introduced it.
  2. At that point, download JRIS – Ubuntu Launcher Mod APK on our website.
  3. Subsequent to finishing the download, you should discover the apk document and introduce it.
  4. At that point you can open and appreciate the JRIS – Ubuntu Launcher Mod APK

Work in orders:

uninstall: to uninstall an app

Information: to dispatch app’s detail page

Add: to put an app/contact into folder

Remove: to remove an app/contact from folder

Stow away: to handicap an app/contact from being looked

Clipboard: to get text in clipboard

Restart: to restart the launcher

Clear: to clear the comfort yield

Show: to re-empower incapacitated apps/contact

Wifi: to toggle WiFi

Bluetooth: to toggle bluetooth

Folder: to display folder

Apps: to display all apps

Streak: to toggle streak

Climate: to display current climate

Shell: to utilize shell

Locateme: to display a picture of your present area

Note: to begin altering a note

Scramble: to send encoded message

Is: to display data of a thing

Code: to display a window displaying codes

Telephone number: to settle on telephone decision

Condition: to compute the condition


  • Moment Search

Just sort anything to dispatch your apps like ace programmer.

  • App Drawer

Slide up on the home screen to see app cabinet.

  • Gadgets

Apply gadgets to make your launcher much cooler.

  • Notices

Show all warnings straightforwardly in the reassure

  • Amazing Shell

To run shell orders, essentially use ‘shell’ to begin!


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