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Download Greenify App For Android

“Forceful Doze” and “Snooze in a hurry” to boost the battery saving money on Android 6+, even without root! (subtleties clarified in settings). Never should your telephone or tablet become increasingly slow hungrier after bunches of apps introduced. With Greenify, your device can run nearly as easily and lastingly as it did the primary day you had it! Greenify assist you with recognizing and put the making trouble apps into hibernation when you are not effectively utilizing them, to prevent them from slacking your device or siphoning the battery, in a novel way! They can do nothing without unequivocal dispatch by you or other apps, while as yet protecting full usefulness when running in closer view. Greenify NEVER EVER gathers your own information in spite of the ability of availability service, it simply exploits it to mechanize the hibernation technique.

  • Significant: Greenifying an app suggests that you know that all the foundation usefulness (service, occasional assignment, occasion recipient, caution, gadget update, push message) of this app will get unavailable during the hibernation aside from when you are utilizing this app. NEVER greenify morning timer apps, texting apps except if you don’t depend on them. Kindly confirm the effect of greenified apps on which you intensely depend.
  • Note: Greenify needs foundation running services for auto-hibernation to work. It is planned and executed in amazingly lightweight and almost zero CPU and battery utilization.

Download Greenify App For Android


  • DEVICE ADMIN: This app utilizes manager advantage to kill the screen following computerized hibernation on non-root devices. This authorization will be mentioned unequivocally for your assent just whenever required.
  • DRAW OVER OTHER APP: To diminish the screen during programmed hibernation when the screen is relied upon to be off.
  • Incapacitate SCREEN LOCK and BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE: For programmed hibernation to deal with non-root devices.
  • GET ACCOUNTS and WRITE SYNC SETTINGS: Control the record sync of apps if its sync task is excessively incessant.

This app utilizes Accessibility services, to computerize the hibernation technique.


  1. It appears to be that programmed hibernation isn’t working.
  2. Some of my greenified apps (for example Google Maps) appears to be not resting.
  3. I need to greenify framework apps!
  4. De-greenified apps still got no pop-up message!

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