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Download Hide Chat Name for Android

Hide Chat Name-Hide Name in WhatsApp using 1 Click apk content evaluation is Everybody and could be downloaded and installed android devices.

What’s your Hide Chat Name using a Single Tap application, how can this function?

In Line with the introduction of Digital Phoenix, Hide Chat Name using a Single Tap is a Social app on the Android platform. There’s presently a 2.0 version published on Feb 02, 2018, you may see the details below.

We’re hooked on Chatting and we’ll be chatting in virtually all areas like bus stops, busesand trains, classrooms, house, workplace, etc.. And People Beside you’ll be peeking in your display and It will not Be protected any more.
Hide Chat Name is a app that immediately hides the name, Profile image of the person with whom you’re chatting on a single tap. We Care for Your Privacy Policy.

Characteristics of Hide Chat Name App:

  • Now you can Insert Fake Name, Give Fake Profile Picture, Show a Fake Status.
  • Instant Guard Your Display with a single tap on the floating pub.
  • It is possible to provide a Fake name into another person and people around you may think you’re Chatting somebody else.
  • Immediate Chat Characteristic using Our App Developer.
  • Proceed to the icon where possible and simple for you.

Download Hide Chat Name for Android

Today you can chat directly with our programmer for any query or suggestion. “We’ve became addicts to societal messaging apps and also we can not leave with them for not 10 minutes.

We all constantly do our chatting in Public Places such as Bus Stops, Buses, Trains, Class Rooms, Home, Office etc.. But there’ll be tens of thousands of eyes glancing in the Display and those people can not mind their own small business. Hide Chat Name App is an app that’s used to hide the name of the person in Chatting App.

New Feature:

  • Removed Big Bugs with the Addition of Little Ones
  • Now You Can Insert
  • Characteristic to Immediate Chat With App Developer.
  • Single Tap for Pairing the Chat Name
  • WhatsApp Quick Access On Dual Tapping HideChat Icon When You’re External WhatsApp

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