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How To Lock Your WhatsApp Chats With Fingerprint

WhatsApp is without a doubt the most famous informing app. It additionally properly refreshes it which continue to add features. Nonetheless, regardless of its many features, there’s as yet something missing from it that is accessible in other apps like Telegram and Hike – a mysterious chat or the capacity to hide explicit chats from inquisitive eyes.

While WhatsApp as of late presented unique finger impression lock for its Android app and offers Touch ID and Face ID lock for iPhones, it’s absolutely impossible to lock or hide a particular chat. All things considered, we can utilize an in-fabricated feature to hide the chat from the home screen.

A large portion of us use WhatsApp and consistently search for approaches to get our private discussions from meddlesome eyes. Absolutely, WhatsApp chats start to finish encryption is there to make it hard for programmers to access your discussions. This implies just the sender and collector can understand chats.

In any case, this doesn’t prevent nosey individuals from sneaking into your messages the second they get your telephone and perused every one of your discussions. Consequently, to do this we can utilize an app named Locker for Whats Chat App – Secure Private Chat.

Dissimilar to WhatsApp’s Archive alternative this app will help you lock and hide your individual and gathering Whats App chat from your kids, relatives, companions and individuals around you.

In this post we realize how to Download WhatsLock App and as an equivalent name Whats Lock apk and we additionally know this app Lock for Apps.

Lock for Apps (WhatsLock):

WhatsLock can lock Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Email, Settings, approaching calls and any app you pick. Forestall unapproved access and watchman protection. Guarantee security. WhatsLock can hide pictures and recordings. Secret pictures and recordings get undetectable to Gallery. Secure private recollections without any problem. No pin, no chance. No more concern individuals look to your messages. More protected!


The key can be entered by two different ways:

  1. Numeric Password
  2. Example Lock

App Lock: You can shield other apps from unapproved access. We propose secure your apps with contacts and photographs.

Cover Window: If anybody attempts to open an app a cover window will be shown that hides names and photographs introductory page. To unlock and gain admittance to the app the client needs to give their secret phrase. You can add cover profiles to make window all the more genuine to interlopers.

  • Hide WhatsLock Icon
  • Hide Photos and Videos from Gallery
  • FullScreen to Lock Methods

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