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Download Magic Fluids Free: simulation & live wallpaper App For Android

Magic Fluids Free: simulation & live wallpaper App takes into consideration a great arrangement of customization. You can adjust fluid sort, shading palette, how long it remains on the screen, when hues should change and significantly more. Fluid alone is great, yet it just shows signs of improvement. Turn on particles and watch how they move with the fluid and accentuate it’s movement. Particles have heaps of design alternatives too – shape, size, shading and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can have more than 15000 particles on the screen, however you better have a solid gadget on the off chance that you need to do that! Whatever setup you think of, it is great to save it and use whenever later. That is the thing that client presets are for – you can store ten fluid presets and burden them with a solitary snap! Is it accurate to say that you are languid and don’t have any desire to swim through heaps of settings? You can utilize one of ten predefined fluid arrangements and still experience a great assorted variety that Magic Fluids offers! Instances of existing presets are Floating Flames, Wavy Winter or Classy Combination.

Magic Fluids App Highlights Two Fluid Animation Strategies:

  1. Smoke – exemplary gas reenactment. Smoke is gradual. It’s great when you need to back off and unwind
  2. Water – remarkable strategy that makes fluid conduct more like fluid than gas. You can nearly feel the weight engendering through the water while you contact the screen. It’s ideal when you need to make dynamic animations and pictures loaded with whirls and twists.

Download Magic Fluids Free: simulation & live wallpaper App For Android

When you press the Menu Button (equipment button on more established gadgets, three-spot button on more up to date ones) animation delays. From that point you can clear the screen, go to settings menu or save the screenshot to document on outside capacity (it goes to/Pictures/MagicFluids/registry). Note that outside capacity (which normally implies SD Card, yet on certain gadgets outer capacity is really inside) must be accessible on your gadget. You can later utilize it as a backdrop or show your companions what you can do with Magic Fluids! Fluid animation in your pocket! Contact the screen and make excellent movement of bright smoke and water.

Key Highlights of Magic Fluids Free: simulation & live wallpaper App: 

  • Highly configurable fluid conduct and look
  • 20 arrangement presets – in case you’re languid
  • You can save your own presets
  • Multitouch controls
  • Smoke (gas) and water (fluid) animation
  • Thousands of particles moving with the fluid
  • You can stop the animation whenever and save screenshots
  • You can utilize Magic Fluids as an ordinary application or as a Live Wallpaper
  • Highly advanced, different quality settings for wide scope of gadgets
  • Conceivable outcomes are unlimited, impacts are awesome.
  • Free form of Magic Fluids has two presets (out of ten), restricted arrangement choices and doesn’t permit to save screenshots. You can in any case use it as a Live Wallpaper however!

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