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Download MagicCall – Voice Changer App For Android

At that point prepare to encounter awesome fun with Magic Call, a definitive voice changer on call across 90plus nations. Utilizing Magic Call Voice Changer App you can make a prank call and effectively fool your companions and family by changing your voice.

Key Features of Magic Call Voice Changer App: 

  • Ongoing voice changer/Voice changer on call like female voice changer, kid voice changer, VIP voice changer, Male voice changer, animation voice changer and so on.
  • FREE credits on the first download
  • Tune in to the demo of your voice change
  • Tune in to your entertaining recorded prank call under My Recordings or just after the prank call closes
  • Offer your phony call accounts on-WhatsApp, Facebook and other internet based life stages
  • Least expensive approach to make a prank call
  • Play Sound Emoticons like kiss, applaud, and so forth live on call
  • Pick a foundation viz., sentimental feeling, James Bond subject, traffic mood when conversing with companions on call through Magic Call app

Talk in Different Voices and Fool Your Friends

Magic Call Voice Changer App has different prank styles, which makes it the best prank app on the planet like — counterfeit call, amusing voice changer, female voice changer, prank call, superstar voice changer, male voice changer, young lady voice changer, and so on. Utilizing this amusing prank call app you can:

Download MagicCall – Voice Changer App For Android

  1. Change voice to female
  2. Change voice to male
  3. Change voice to kid
  4. Talk like an animation
  5. Change voice to a robot

How to make a funny call using Magic Call Voice Changer App?

  • Select a Voice. Model — Girl voice/Female voice, male voice, child voice/kid voice, elderly person voice and numerous different voices
  • Select a contact or dial a number
  • Start your Magic Call app
  • When the prank call is associated, the voice changer will change your voice into a lady’s voice or the voice you chose. From that point, you can have some good times tuning in to your companion’s humorous reactions and responses.

For a superior thought, you would be satisfied to realize that the scope of this Magic Call app, from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Google Playstore obviously, is amazing.


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