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Download Stay Away: Phone Addiction Controller Antisocial App For Android

How might this benefit me?

✔App Usage Tracker: Tracks each app usage.

✔Daily Phone Usage Tracker: Shows phone usage for entire day.

✔Last 7 days Usage: Shows phone usage for most recent 7 days.

✔Set Downtime: Set the downtime where apps will have no entrance. This way you can limit your screen time and stay away from being phone dependent.

✔Limit Apps: Set usage limit to apps like online media which you use generally and are addictive.

✔Always Allow: Allow some significant apps like banking, email and so on even in the downtime.

✔Widget: Want to check app usage rapidly? Gadget is there for you. You don’t have to open the app.

Do you frequently end up looking at your phone while sitting tight for a transport, holding up at the specialist’s center ➕ or just strolling down the road?

It may appears to be no destructive however, investing bunches of energy in the screen isn’t solid. It’s not simply continually utilizing a smartphone will keep you from monitoring what’s going on around you. All the more genuinely, these phones are intended to be addictive. Utilizing them for somewhat prefer to do an installment or for no particular reason is fine except for letting your phone usage snowball can get risky.

How to check if am I dependent on my phone?

  • Do you once in a while invest more energy with your phone than the normal?
  • Do you look with no internal compass?
  • Do you wind up more collaborating with individuals over phone as opposed to, all things considered?
  • Do you keep your phone close to you while dozing?
  • Do you will in general stop what you’re doing so you can react to something on your phone?
  • On the off chance that responses to such inquiries are truly, at that point chances are you have been gotten by phone addiction.

Download Stay Away: Phone Addiction Controller Antisocial App For Android

How would i be able to forestall myself being phone dependent?

All things considered, as you have arrived on this page, you have just made a stride towards improving your life. Stay Away app gives you screen time. Day by day/week after week hours of your screen time. This will make you mindful how much time you really spend taking a gander at your phone which we normally don’t. You can set Downtime (No Phone Usage Period). During this period none of the app will be opened except if you award the consent to it. Stay Away is essentially an antisocial app. Thus, essentially this antisocial app will initially make you mindful how much time you’re really spending on your phone or on your web-based media. Staying alert is a key to see if you are phone dependent or not. This antisocial app will tell you how much each app you are utilizing. Stay away app essentially computes how much time you’re infont of your phone. Thus, it ascertains dynamic screen time.  Just hit the introduce button which is totally FREE . Try not to let your phone to control you. Stay Away from your phone addiction with this antisocial app! You should feel that, why this app is being called antisocial? Indeed, because of advanced interruption and phone addiction we are loosing our center, which eventually diminishing our efficiency. Generally, we as a whole invest energy on Social Media. Thus, this app encourages you to limit online media apps as well as some other app you select. That is the very explanation, why Stay Away app falls under antisocial all class.

How this enemy of phone addiction app help me support my profitability?

When you choose if you truly need to dispose of your phone addiction then you can achieve it. This antisocial app is only an instrument which will make you mindful about your phone usage. Limiting the ache for of phone usage is in your grasp.On the off chance that you control this need of phone usage, at that point you better invest your energy with family and companions. Also, you will more profitable at home just as grinding away spot. This antisocial app which limit your phone usage go about as phone tracker and get you far from your phone addiction.

All together stay beneficial, stay social, stay centered, you need to Stay Away from your phone!


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